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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vintage Female Fashion Trends Throughout the Years

 Clothing Categorized per Time Period

     1.  Antique- this are clothing produced before the 1920's
                 2.  Vintage- this are clothing produced from 1920-1980's
                         3.  Contemporary- this are clothing from 1980's above

1. 1920's- The Flapper Era

2.  1930's- This decade is a milestone for women.  Women now lead a busier lives, and tend to go for simpler dresses during the day but elegant number for evening gowns.  However, the most influential film of all this time was GONE WITH THE WIND.  Scarlett O'Hara's barbecue dress had inspired a lot of imitations worldwide.

                                            *taken from memorabilia exhibit by Marilyn Acosta

3. 1940's - Style for garments in 1940's was greatly affected by the ongoing war.  It was simpler in design since most things are rationed- clothing needs notwithstanding.  Functionality versus Style.

4.  1950's- Fashion revival era, where-in flowy dresses were popularized by Christian Dior.

5. 1960's- There were many trends at this decade.  There were pleated or pencil skirts in the earlier years, to miniskirts later on the decade.



6. 1970's- The psychedelic decade, best represented by different colors and small prints

7. 1980's- There are tailored and manly look for dresses.  However, this was basically MJ and Madonna's outrageous fashion sense took the center stage.



  1. I fall into the Vintage section when I was in High School, that makes me feel old. But I still like hip hugging bell bottoms ;0)
    Thanks for the nice comment on my article posted on Simple Soul's blog, God Hates Divorce Not His People.

  2. your welcome. Vintage pieces will always have a place in my heart.=D

  3. pst..bakit ka nasali sa mga vintage? 1970's pa...watahhhhh:)

    nice blog...vintage na vintage nga..ar you sure you are still young baka naman hundred yeras old ka na?